Can't believe I'm blogging……………….

And the day came when the risk to remain tight as a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom - Anais Nin

So the day came when not writing a blog seemed to be ignoring where this modern world is heading. It is almost like letting the bus pull out and refusing to get on, even though you want to go to the destination, because maybe just maybe that ride might not be comfortable.


Isn't that what yoga is all about, the journey and not the destination? I think so.....well that has been my experience to date! So as I struggle with the idea of posting a blog here and there, I'm not sure how often I will get here, but I hope that in some small way it helps to motivate or inspire you.


Fresh out from the Summer Yoga Retreat at Stroud on the weekend I have had two very nice slow days, just 4 classes and not much in between. The weekend was really lovely and it just so happened to be an all female retreat, except of course Troy who came out as my support person :)


Sheree Ogden from Garden Grub Cafe in Wingham did the catering and it was awesome. Check out her Facebook Page or better still drop in for some food bliss!


So as the week unfolds.................


Today started at 530am with a short (and I mean short) yoga practice :) and then I landed on the meditation cushion for some time with mySELF. No matter how busy my mind is or how much I would like to resist some days, this is my saviour and gives me the sustinance to face whatever the day brings. The days that I choose to hit the floor boards running just never feel the same. The days I choose to snuggle, feel somewhere in between :)


While Troy created our morning salad, I mosied down to the garden for fresh greens (spinach, celery, kale and mint) and added them to carrot, beetroot and orange juice. Yum, such a great start to the day!


I have signed up for a new software program to help ease off the pressure of my business, I'm hoping it is like having a secretary, which will give me more time to write, prepare and present better classes, to study and move forward. I also hope that it will help you all to have a seemless experience with organising appointments, classes, retreats and treks. I will definitely keep you posted as it comes to fruition.


Right now I need to open up my Harmonium and get into some warm up as

tonight I have a class in Forster at the Senior Citizens Hall in Breeze Pde @ 6pm and then a kirtan at 730pm. So feel free to come along, jump on your mat and then open up with some chanting and enjoy yourSELF!


Till next time,

Om Satyam,


I would like to acknowledge all of the indigenous cultures, spiritual practices and rituals that have informed my understanding of what it means to be walking this life as a conduit between heaven and earth, consciousness and the Great mother.


Let us pay tribute to the spiritual lineages and collective ancestry that has drawn us to each other.


I would like to acknowledge how beautiful it is to live on Worimi Country and I hope that the spiritual work I do

in some way supports the indigenous cultures of this land, sea and sky. 


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