Farewell to our Wellness Warrior

With every choice we make we force the hand of life, even small decisions can have big results...


This takes me to a sadness and also frustration that I am carrying this week.

Beautiful Jess Ainscough passed away last week. This is so sad for her family and the thousands of people around the world that she inspired with her health blog, health videos, recipes and eventually her book, Make Peace with Your Plate. Jess was a Wellness Warrior from her heart. There was no ego involved just a beautiful soul who wanted to share her health discoveries with anyone who voluntarily found there way into her world. Jess inspired me and I know countless others to explore our health and to see it as a work in progress. Jess was totally honest and didn’t make excuses and I never saw her ‘bag’ the medical system.


The media are now running with this as almost a banner to say, “See alternative therapies don’t work” Its a pity we didn’t do a double blinded placebo controlled study on another 22yr old with the same cancer who took the medical path. Then we might just see that either way the results can be positive or just as devastating. Maybe Jess lived longer because of her decision to keep her arm and treat her body as a temple? Maybe she didn’t but does the media have to be so callous when her family and friends are grieving. 


One thing I do know is that Jess did an incredible amount for the community at large by sharing her journey and being so open and honest. Would that have happened had she chosen chemo therapy and surgery to amputate her arm, I think not! Her life would not have been the same and the long term result may well have been the same, but she would not have had the quality of life and the sensational journey that she did. WE would not know her and WE would not have come together as a community with an interest in health, wellbeing, love and life no matter how long or short that might be. WE want to do it the best that we can, and thanks to gorgeous Jess for being one of the girls who got up and out and made a difference and 'became the change she wanted to see in the world! (a little twist on Ghandi's famous quote - 'Be the change you want to see in the world!)


Thank you Jess for your always heartfelt and real testimonies to your life and your journey. And may her family have peace in the knowledge that there is a whole community of health conscious, movers and shakers out here that will miss your girl for ever and will keep her teachings in our hearts.


Bless her...MJx




I would like to acknowledge all of the indigenous cultures, spiritual practices and rituals that have informed my understanding of what it means to be walking this life as a conduit between heaven and earth, consciousness and the Great mother.


Let us pay tribute to the spiritual lineages and collective ancestry that has drawn us to each other.


I would like to acknowledge how beautiful it is to live on Worimi Country and I hope that the spiritual work I do

in some way supports the indigenous cultures of this land, sea and sky. 


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