Abundance, what is this?

What is your regular state of mind? Do you feel that life is awesome and you keep landing on your feet? Or do you feel like there is rarely enough and you never get the right breaks? Or are you somewhere in the middle of these two experiences?

Have you ever thought about how your life might be guided by your state of mind or attitude? Maybe your life is directed by what you are exposed to every day, which may include attitudes of those around you at work and at home, media exposure, even those ideals that we have developed as children that don't serve us so well anymore.


You are living in a world of abundance and a time of great opportunity. But you also live in a society where the general mindset is scarcity. This is exacerbated by the fears of what is happening to your planet, your health, politics, war, crime, the list is endless and can be distressing on a very deep level. 


Do you find yourself over buying in case you run out and can’t get something again. Maybe it is simply some groceries, it could be clothing, it could be stationary, toilet paper is a classic product that is over bought, we can all imagine how it would be if we ran out, NOOOOOOO! 


So on a material level, yes we could all pull in our belt, we could live more within our means, we could share more, knowing that there is more to come and we might find that we won’t be feeling so fearful or threatened. Look outside of yourself and your world and see what is needed around you, see how your life is, more than likely, in a way better place than a lot of others. That in itself gives you hope. 


This week we have an amazing example by what is happening in Nepal. These peaceful  but poor people live in a beautiful country that just happens to be on a fault line. They also have one of the most corrupt governments in the world, so now more than ever they are in trouble. 


But you know what, these people live in spiritual abundance, they have so little, no room, no money, no time to themselves (particularly the city dwellers), small homes (if a home at all), no services, no back up and no fall back. But you don’t see these people fighting (well I haven’t), you see the families close and working together as part of a community, a community that serves. They are connected to the earth and nature and will see this earthquake as a sign of what needs to be improved or adjusted for them to move forward. 


So living in a western ‘scarcity’ society how do you find your place of abundance? How do you stop being so external and so worried about what isn’t and become more focused on what is? You could meditate, exercise, relax, eat right, act right, be the change you want to see around you. Be an example to your family, friends and community...


My advice comes from the yoga perspective and it is to step onto your mat and move your body. When I fall into scarcity mentality, I know that it is time to dig deep, to sew some seeds and then take the time to water them and let them grow. I don't often have the time to practice for an hour of deep asana practice, but I usually have time for a few nice stretches, a welcoming in of the breath and some time resting and releasing my concerns. A little time in stillness and silence is always going to help. This leaves me with the space to contemplate my cup half full and filling rather than half empty and spilling.  


Abundance is an attitude a way of life that we can develop. Mind you there are days when you are going to fall deeply into the rut of scarcity and sometime we need to do that so that we can really appreciate what an amazing gift life is and how much we have not how much we haven’t..... 

So come and join me for a One to One and then integrate into a class and experience for yourself how time on the mat can help you create the life and attitude that you desire...


As a little bonus go onto 'Free Stuff' and download my guided relaxation and help reduce your stress, connect with your deepest self, and being the change.....

I would like to acknowledge all of the indigenous cultures, spiritual practices and rituals that have informed my understanding of what it means to be walking this life as a conduit between heaven and earth, consciousness and the Great mother.


Let us pay tribute to the spiritual lineages and collective ancestry that has drawn us to each other.


I would like to acknowledge how beautiful it is to live on Worimi Country and I hope that the spiritual work I do

in some way supports the indigenous cultures of this land, sea and sky. 


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