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About Megan

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Hi, welcome to my world. I am a Mum, wife, yogi, therapist, health trail blazer and trekker. 


Yoga has been my passion since 1987 and since 1989, through teaching, has been my entry way into the world of health, healing and happiness.


When you begin to practice yoga, change happens. The simple act of turning up on the mat and facing your self, each day, week or whenever you do, creates change. It enables harmony and balance to seep into your being and then spread out into everything that you do. To find out how SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter...


I have a genuine belief that health and healing results from the choices we make with food and lifestyle every day, these skills have carved their way into my practice and teachings and are one of the draw cards to my Yoga & Health Retreats.


Let me help you find the balance that you need in your life for optimum health and happiness #liveyogalovelife


How do you become part of the our Yoga family? Explore my website, subscribe to become a member. Check out my timetable and join a class, contact me for an appointment or inquiry, shop to buy a class pass. I love family and nothing more than a big family gathering so join me now and experience the world of yoga and health.


Om Satyam, Megan Jones (MJ)