10 May 2019
The yoga experience has afforded me a new world view and an inner vision that has been insightful to say the least. Yoga has taught me that there is more to life than what I've been told and that the experience is something valuable that is worth writing about and sharing....read more
16 March 2016
I have found that the more I learn about the human body, nutrition, the history of natural medicine, indigenous as well as modern interpretations, the use of diet, plants that heal and allopathic medicine, that as individuals you are so very capable of looking after yourselves. I have also noticed that turning in may give you the answers you have been looking out for. As I travel this path, I am weaving the knowledge into my practice and what I teach so that the teachings are a more wholistic...
10 November 2015
Spring Cleaning the Mind Here you are in the last month of spring, you may have heard me talking in class about spring cleaning our houses (our bodies) via asana which help to boost the lymphatic system. You may have been there when I touched on how to clean out with juices and clean living, I mostly cover this at Retreats and private sessions, although conversations do arise during and after class. Some of you have heard the discussion on the shatkarmas and how they help to sort out sinus...
11 September 2015
Most of us know that food is medicine, Hippocrates told us that, back somewhere between 470 and 360BCE. He worked out that disease was not punishment by the gods for wrongdoings but was actually a result of lifestyle choices, diet and environmental factors.
16 August 2015
The first time I sat in a yoga class and they started to chant I felt the most powerful hit in my chest, almost like someone had thrown a force at me as the Om came belting across the room, it made me smile and I smiled for the rest of the day.
06 June 2015
On Sunday 25th May, 2015 a group of over 75 gorgeous individuals from around the Forster and outlying areas gathered with a common intention, to Pray for Nepal. This came in the shape of a shared yoga practice and kirtan (chanting with music) and a social chai to complete a beautiful afternoon.
28 April 2015
What is your regular state of mind? Do you feel that life is awesome and you keep landing on your feet? Or do you feel like there is rarely enough and you never get the right breaks? Or are you somewhere in the middle of these two experiences?
29 March 2015
I have been spending a lot of time with my parents, which is allowing me to dip my toes into the stream that maybe awaiting me. Mum and Dad are in what we might call the 4th Age (over 75), which is a relatively new concept in a society that is now living longer. (I am in the 3rd Age which accompanies me from 50-75yrs. Wow that came fast :)
04 March 2015
With every choice we make we force the hand of life, even small decisions can have big results... This takes me to a sadness and also frustration that I am carrying this week.
03 January 2015
What is YOGA ON EARTH... Yoga ON Earth (YOE) is part of Dhirata Yoga and mj_yogalife; it is all about bringing yoga out onto the earth, into our lives.

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I recognise the continuous and deep connection to Country, of Aboriginal people as the First Nations peoples of Australia.

In this way I respectfully acknowledge the Worimi people as the custodians of this land, sea and sky.

I pay tribute to the elders past and present as I also respect the collective ancestry that has bought us all here at this time.

It's a privilege to be present on Country. 

I hope that in some small way our work supports spiritual growth and in turn supports the

custodianship of this land, sea and sky. 


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