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02 November 2014
During many of my classes I have introduced a practice that I learned earlier this year, which helps to liven up our connection with prana and the vayus, bringing them to life, literally. This article attempts to explain that practice and its purpose. mjx
13 September 2014
When things aren't planned, it is divine intervention or just an ordinary occurrence where a combination of things just line up at the very right time...
08 August 2014
My Dad's Birthday and lashings of gratitude...
04 June 2014
Weekly Musings
26 January 2014
Asteya & Brahmacharya...
17 January 2014
Hey Yoga Friends, Since January 1st 2014 I have been a busy bee updating my website and my Facebook. I have started Instagram, which I have to admit is fun. I now have an online booking system up and running so that all you folk can book into classes and enrol in events like Intensives, Retreats and Yoga Treks and generally, I hope, make Yoga in Forster, Pacific Palms, Bungwahl, and wherever I pop up teaching, more accessable :) After 13 years I started back teaching at the Forster YMCA, which...
02 January 2014
Hi, here is a quick blog to share my thoughts on moving into the New Year, 2014! To start with Happy New Year and may you find your feet, the palms of your hands, your sit bones and your inner space! Now is a great time to put into place the changes you want to see in your life and the world around you, through personal resolves and perfecting the art of San Kalpa, through mindful living and eating, through clean green practices across your life. I have been wondering what I could do to make...

I recognise the continuous and deep connection to Country, of Aboriginal people as the First Nations peoples of Australia.

In this way I respectfully acknowledge the Worimi people as the custodians of this land, sea and sky.

I pay tribute to the elders past and present as I also respect the collective ancestry that has bought us all here at this time.

It's a privilege to be present on Country. 

I hope that in some small way our work supports spiritual growth and in turn supports the

custodianship of this land, sea and sky. 


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