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15 December 2013
Our discussion begins with yama, which covers our attitudes towards our environment, how we live in the world. Here we discuss the first two yama; ahimsa and satya........ Ahimsa - one of my favourites and all other yama and niyama flow from here, it is like the foundation of yoga practice! Ahimsa means non violence, do no harm, to be considerate for all living things, to protect, preserve all life. Ahimsa also encompasses kindness, friendliness and peacefulness. Desikachar describes ahimsa in...
04 December 2013
Yoga in Forster - Yama & Niyama discussions... Dhirata Yoga classes in Forster and Pacific Palms have been busy this term with most classes filling up :). As mentioned in my recent Dhirata Yoga newsletter we have been talking (well I have been doing a lot of the talking) about the Yama and Niyama, integral parts of the yoga philosophy of Patanjalis Eight Fold Path or Eight Limbs of Yoga; Ashtanga.