Psych-K®️ Session with MJ

Through stress transformation, identifying core beliefs and the use of brain dominance techniques, Psych-K®️helps you transform your life into a big YES!

Please feel free to send an email request for a Psych-K®️ session or a 20min discovery call. Prices start at $125 per session.



Last year I was guided towards a new way of supporting myself that opened the doorway to deep healing, easily. I learned a modality that helped me weed the garden of my unconscious mind and replant the seeds and seedlings for a new way of being. That modality is PSYCH-K®️, it was like discovering gold after years and years of searching. I have used body work, yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra, for many years, however Psych-K®️ seems to be a missing piece that has now enhanced my journey by relieving me of the underlying tensions that I had trouble dissolving.  

Through stress reduction and whole brain dominance theory I can help you create your own reality by identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them so that you better serve yourself into the future. 
I'm offering FREE discovery calls 15 - 20mins to chat and experience this beautiful modality. CONTACT ME If you'd like to know more about Psych-K®️, please check out the link below ✌️

If you'd like to book session with me, go HERE Thank you!